How to find a legitimate business in the trade industry

How to find a legitimate business in the trade industry:

How hard is it to organise local qualified tradespeople to agree to come out and provide you a quotation?

How annoying is it when they don’t show up at the agreed time?

I get it who wouldn’t want to use a service that automatically gets qualified tradespeople calling you to make an appointment to come and see you.

There are millions of businesses worldwide who’s sole purpose is to outsource requests to other businesses to complete it for them. They then charge you extra for that referral or the outsourced business charges you extra for the lead fee they had to pay to get that referral. I mean its a system that works otherwise these businesses wouldn’t function if there wasn’t money to be made by doing homework for you. But; how good do they do their homework.

We have seen it all over the years; companies with huge advertising budgets claiming they will save you time in the short term by sending tradespeople for quotations for services you need. They claim they only represent businesses who have all of the required insurances and skills. But do they? We are personally involved with a trade referring business and I can be certain they haven’t asked us for proof of our insurances once. They also represent a couple of individuals who I know for a fact don’t have insurance cover let alone a registered ABN.

The consumer doesn’t win here and ends up paying more every time. It could be a costly mistake made unknowingly by you as you would probably assume that the business you originally made contact with have done their due diligence checking that the business they have referred you to have adequate insurance coverage. Often though they haven’t and then if something goes wrong you are stuck with damages and often a hefty bill. Please do your homework when choosing a business to complete any type of service for you.

Some things to consider:

  • Can you find their business details easily enough with a basic google search? how will you find them if things go wrong further down the track?
  • Are they registered for GST; although this isn’t requirement depending on the size of the business, but its generally a good indication of a business’s success.
  • ABN registered?
  • Reviews; are they even real?
  • Certificate of currency of insurances like work cover and public liability – you have a right to ask for these…

Why does it bother us so much? Well here we are attempting to run a business and do everything the right way like pay bills that cover our employees such as work cover, public liability, superannuation, PAYG, GST. At some point these costs need to be taken into consideration when quoting work to ensure our bottom line is covered. We ensure we complete our work efficiently and effectively to ensure a superior product to enable a good referral network.

We attend a quotation and someone states “but Joe from up the road just quoted me half of what you did and he said we would get this and that done too” we then get passed a plain piece of paper with a price and mobile number scribbled on it but no details of work to be conducted. We as a legitimate business cannot compete with Joe who probably has no insurances premiums and certainly pays no taxes. Its frustrating to have to explain and then hope our potential customers understand that we are here to stay and will be available in the future to uphold our guarantee on our workmanship. I get it its just a roof and not particularly exciting for you; but it is for us so let us look after it for you. We are not an expensive business by any means; but we are fair, honest and do things right the first time. You ultimately get what you pay for; just like anything in life.

Research is so important when choosing a service provider for any service that you may require. Please by all means use these services of enter your details and we will get three tradespeople to contact you; heck we have a listing in one of these types of businesses. But don’t assume the service you have used to request these calls have done their due diligence; that remains up to you.