Roof Tiling in Geelong

Looking for Roof Tiling in Geelong? Direct Roof Tiling & Restoration service Geelong, the West of Melbourne, the Bellarine and Surf Coast regions, we are your Roof tiling experts!


Not all roofs should be restored; sometimes roof tiles are too brittle and restoring them will not give them a new lease on life. We can have your old roof tiles removed and new ones in place in just a day; improving the appearance of your home dramatically.

New Roof Installation

Calling all Geelong builders, developers and owner builders. We have a great roofing crew who are fast and efficient and provide quality workmanship. Working primarily with small volume builders our focus is on quality rather than quantity and we are able to cater to your individual needs.

Extensions & Additions

Installation throughout Geelong can be completed in a day for the average sized extension. We can provide advice on matching your existing roof to your new roof by matching the roof tiles or restoring your old roof.

Maintenance & Repairs – Minor & Major

Ensuring your roof is watertight, windproof & structurally sound is necessary to ensure you remain safe from the outside elements. Regularly maintaining your roof and acting promptly to leaks improves the potential to save money in the long run and peace of mind that your biggest asset is secure.

We don’t just provide Roof Tiling in Geelong, we also service the West of Melbourne and the Bellarine and Surf Coast regions

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